Telecom Backup Power

“...fuel cell systems have progressed from being a potentially promising technology to being a commercially viable power solution for mobile base stations." 

GSMA Green Power for Mobile White Paper -
"Fuel Cell Systems for Base Stations: Deep Dive Study" by Mark Crouch

ElectraGen™ Solutions
Fuel cell systems can provide backup power solutions for wireless telecom providers, and other vertical industries, delivering solid reliability at an attractive lifecycle cost. Ballard offers a comprehensive portfolio of fuel cell power generation products for backup – as well as continuous power – applications. We provide complete, proven solutions that can be implemented rapidly and easily, providing end-to-end support for a range of application requirements. 

Our ElectraGen™ fuel cell power generation systems, fuelled by either direct hydrogen or methanol, provide backup power for both ‘short duration runtime’ and ‘extended duration runtime’ requirements.  ElectraGen™ systems offer financial and environmental advantages in comparison to alternative lead acid batteries and diesel generators. 

Growth in demand for ElectraGen™ Telecom Backup Power systems is being driven by two distinct needs: (i) backup power for regular, even daily, power outages in markets with unreliable electricity grids; (ii) backup power for markets with reliable grids yet vulnerable to extended power outages in crisis situations, such as extreme weather conditions.

Ballard’s ElectraGen™ systems incorporate our FCgen®-1020ACS fuel cell stack, featuring dynamic response, robust and reliable operation, and a simplified air-cooled design. 

Backup power market thumbnail Methanol Fueled Systems
ElectraGen™-ME systems, which run on reformed methanol fuel, are particularly well suited for ‘extended duration runtime’ backup power requirements. These systems are designed for high reliability, long life and minimal ongoing maintenance. Available in 2.5 kW and 5 kW configurations, the ElectraGen™-ME system includes a fuel reformer that converts HydroPlus™ (a methanol-water liquid fuel mixture) into hydrogen gas to power the fuel cell system. And, these systems also generate a low level of emissions.

Our latest, next-generation ElectraGen™-ME system features a number of important advancements in reliability, durability, maintenance & servicing. Ballard’s Director of Small Stationary Power Systems explains more about our product portfolio strategy here.

Direct Hydrogen Systems
ElectraGen™-H2 systems are modular and scalable backup power solutions using hydrogen fuel cell technology and direct hydrogen fuel, with a fully integrated power management system. Available in 2kW and 5kW configurations, ElectraGen™-H2 systems are an ideal way to cost-effectively meet ‘short duration runtime’ requirements where business continuity is critical. And, these systems generate zero emissions.

Distribution Partners
Ballard works with a number of partners to distribute and support our products, including Dantherm Power*, headquartered in Europe, Cascadiant in Asia, Inala Technologies in South Africa and Precision Power & Air in the Caribbean. Through these partners we deliver complete fuel cell power generation solutions directly to network and service providers including Nokia Siemens, Motorola, Deutsche Telecom and Vodacom.

In addition, Ballard supplies FCgen®-1020ACS fuel cell stacks to third-party system integrators working in the backup power market.

* Ballard Power Systems holds controlling interest in Dantherm Power.   



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