Ballard’s 30kW FCveloCity®-MD module was developed for use in zero-emission, battery dominant hybrid, heavy duty motive applications. The hydrogen fuelled power module is sized for smaller transit vehicles, and offers a low risk, versatile and easy installation solution for system integrators, with a design based on many years of transit experience, and backed by Ballard’s unmatched expertise and experience.

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High Performance – robust PEM fuel cells deliver the route flexibility, range, gradeability and top speeds demanded by transit operators.

Flexible Integration – modular design with separate air subsystem enables flexible integration of components into the vehicle drive train and easy access for enhanced serviceability. The coolant pump is also included in the scope of supply. 
 Fuel Efficiency – two to three times more efficient than CNG/diesel engines, fuel cell buses reduce overall fuel consumption.  Zero-Emission – PEM fuel cell power module to meet the mandates set by policy makers to reduce transportation emissions.

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