Burnaby from the Air smallerThe Canadian facilities are focused on our core fuel cell competencies, which include the production of membrane electrode assemblies, integration and testing of fuel cell stacks, assembly and testing of motive modules, as well as support of other products required through our engineering services contracts. We continue to make investments in our manufacturing capabilities and processes which are targeted at supporting high volume production and automated processing to facilitate future growth.

Ballard uses an Integrated Management System that has internal practices in automotive core tools,   quality, environment, health and safety policies that conform to the requirements of applicable standards. Ballard strives for continuous manufacturing improvement through practices such as Lean Manufacturing, 6-S, and the advocacy of Six Sigma.

Ballard, Canada, is registered to ISO9001IATF 16949ISO 14001ISO 45001 standards. We have also attained the Occupational Standard of Safety Excellence (OSSE)  EN 15085 (CL4), with internal procedures and qualified personnel to design, assemble and supply welded fuel cell systems and components to rail customers in the European Union. Ballard Europe is registered to ISO 9001.

Ballard Power Systems
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