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Globally, Ballard is a powerful force for the environment: fuel cell electric vehicles produce lower lifetime environmental impacts than internal combustion vehicles and battery electric vehicles. At Ballard, we are continually working to reduce the total lifecycle emissions of our fuel cell products.

At Ballard, we recognize the growing investor and stakeholder interest in environmental programs and performance. Following our initial 2019 ESG report, we have increased scope and level of transparency in our 2020 report. Ballard has a strong commitment to the environment, as our mission is to deliver fuel cell power for a sustainable planet.

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The Life Cycle of a Ballard Fuel Cell

It is important to quantify and minimize the greenhouse emissions associated with the production of hydrogen fuel cell technologies. To this end, we have completed Life Cycle Assessments on some of our core products. We started our assessment with “cradle-to-gate” – covering a fuel cell module’s GHG profile from raw materials until it leaves our shipping dock. 
Product Life Cycle

Our Environmental Commitments

Through 2021 and beyond we are committed to:

  • Continue to reduce our corporate and product carbon footprints
  • Further reduce  our waste and water consumption
  • Complete “cradle to grave” life cycle analysis for our FCmoveTM product
  • Implement GHG impact assessment in our internal processes  
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Toward a Circular Economy

Ballard is a supporter of the circular economy, an economy that builds economic, natural, and social capital by designing out waste and pollution, and keeping products and materials in use. We work to reduce waste in our operations, and to reuse the materials in our products when the products reach end-of-life.

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2020 Ballard Sustainability Report  2020 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report Read more... 
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2019 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report

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Sustainable mobility with Ballard technology

Refurbishing  Fuel cell refurbishing, recycling & platinum recovery
Fuel cell life cycle assessment   Fuel Cell Life Cycle Assessment - FCveloCity®-HD Module for Heavy Duty Motive Applications Read more...


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