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Ballard’s culture embraces performance, creativity, development and balance. As clean technology leaders, we strive to exceed expectations, learn, and innovate and in return are provided with opportunities to expand our skills through professional development, training and educational programs.

Not only do we enjoy what we do here at Ballard, we balance our passion for challenge, success and achievement with our enthusiasm for innovation and fun. Our vision, mission, and cultural values guide our work and community involvement. Click here to meet some of our team.

If you are interested in exploring a career opportunity at Ballard, please apply directly to one of our postings at “Current Opportunities".

Ballard Employee  Value  Proposition

At Ballard, our culture is focused on our customers and rooted in innovation, safety, quality, sustainability and a deep sense of pride and ownership. This is important to us – like really important! We are passionate about transforming the future of zero-emission energy to save the planet. This gets our global team fired up every day.

We are powered by exceptional people and endeavour to improve the life of each employee through a challenging, rewarding and sustainable career. One that is aligned with our purpose of Here for Life™. We care about career growth and development. We believe in work-life balance with flexibility, rewarding benefits and performance-driven compensation.

Our diverse team is more than the sum of the parts. We value the unique talents and perspectives that each of us brings. We prioritize an inclusive culture and acknowledge that diversity, equity and inclusion are key strengths in driving teamwork. This is a critical factor to our future success and living one of our corporate values – Row Together.

Working At Ballard

Training & Career Development 

Our team members grow and develop their careers at Ballard in partnership with their leader. Our career development process encourages employees to have regular career conversations where they can explore and build a development plan that enables future career growth. It is recognized that each career plan and path are unique. Our focus on career development extends to our performance management process that includes establishing annual individual goals related to development across technical, leadership and business focus areas.

Annually we establish an internal training curriculum. We determine our internal training requirements by conducting a detailed training and development needs assessment. We engage with leaders across the organization to gain input and insight into the needs of their function and team members and look for training and development themes.  With these themes in mind, we establish internal training curriculum focused on developing competencies across a spectrum of technical and non-technical courses. We also support team members that may have a more specific requirement and assist them in sourcing external training and development as appropriate. Ballard has a Tuition Reimbursement program that provides support to employees wanting to further their formal education. In addition, we have an internal Mentoring program that partners mentors and mentees in a collaborative and flexible program aimed at increasing technical, leadership and business competencies. 


At Ballard we believe in flexibility and work-life balance. We encourage team members to collaborate with their leaders and teams to establish flexible work arrangements that enable them to balance work goals and their personal life. Our flexibility extends to adjusting work schedules, including temporary and part time work, work from home options, opportunity for personal leave of absence (including for study, travel and family responsibility). We also have available Employee and Family Assistance Programs that are designed to support our team members with their overall work-life balance and wellbeing. Our focus is on balancing the needs of individuals with the needs of the organization.

Compensation & Total Rewards

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Ballard's compensation and total rewards program is designed to attract, motivate and retain the highly qualified employees needed to achieve the company's strategic goals. We believe that recognizing achievements and successes is important to build a culture of teamwork, collaboration and innovation.

The Compensation and Total Rewards program provides a range of financial and non-financial elements to recognize employee contributions, including:

  • Competitive Salary
  • Annual Ballard Bonus Plan
  • Benefits plan: extended health (medical & dental), short and long term disability insurance, life insurance, and employee family counseling and wellness programs
  • Company matching Retirement Saving program
  • Impact Awards
  • Inventor Incentive Program

Ballard Culture

Green Initiatives
Many people come to Ballard for the opportunity to advance green technology. It is at the heart of our vision - to be the leading global provider of innovative clean energy solutions. Fuel cells reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve local air quality, compared to the technologies they replace. That is something we are all proud of. By channeling employees' ideas to help reduce Ballard’s environmental footprint, we have implemented a number of green initiatives internally and we’re always open to new ideas.

Innovation Sessions
We participate in Challenge Solving Innovation Sessions (CSIS) where we set time aside to work on problems and look for solutions that drive strategic innovation. In some places it might be called a Hackathon. These innovation sessions were started in our R&D group a few years ago and have since grown across the organization. Twice a year, cross-functional teams from different departments compete to present and implement their new ideas. 

Community Involvement

At Ballard, we believe in giving back to the communities we work and live in. Each year we work closely with specific charities in our local communities to raise money and awareness through a combination of fund raising activities and volunteering.

We are a hardworking group and sometimes it’s nice to take a break and have some fun together. We are involved in a number of activities throughout the year, including holiday celebrations, skating parties, soccer tournaments, ski trips, golf tournaments and we’re always open to ideas for something new.

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