With a rated power  range from several kWs to  multiple MWs, Ballard’s flexible fuel cell product platforms provide a reliable system for continuous and backup power applications.

Product Platforms:

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From 200kW to 1.2 MW

FCwaveTM-PowerGen is one of Ballard’s stationary fuel cell solutions for power generation and backup power. Using proven components from Ballard’s heavy duty module portfolio, the zero-emission solution offers quiet operation, a smaller footprint, and favorable economics.

FCwaveTM meets the most stringent safety standards, as it is designed and certified to stationary fuel cell power generator requirements as per EU and CSA standards. 

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Key features:

  • Flexible and modular design minimizes space requirements
  • Scalable DC power output from 200kW to 1.2 MWs
  • Cabinet configurations with easy access doors and all interfaces’ connections situated in front for accessible service and maintenance
  • Standalone, skid mounted, or container solutions are available.
  • >25,000 operating hours between overhaul (or refurbishment)

Key advantages of FCwaveTM-PowerGen for stationary systems

Low life cycle cost
The system offers a low total-cost-of ownership, achieved through product performance optimization, the usage of common components across different platforms as well as low maintenance requirements.

Flexible and modular solution
FCwaveTM is built in 200kW modules which facilitate scalable output and flexible integration. With an extremely compact footprint, 3 modules (600kW) in a skid with DC/DC conversion and up to 6 module (1.2MW DC) in a container with option of DC/AC conversion and batteries using only 5.5 M2 of floor space.

Safe operation 
FCwaveTM is certified to stationary fuel cell power generator requirements as per EU, ATEX and CSA standards. The module also includes a secondary protection barrier, which separates ATEX Zone Class 2 zones from non-hazardous zones, therefore the installation room does not require a “Hazardous Zone” classification.

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From 1kW to 60kW

Ballard’s FCgen®-H2PM hydrogen-fueled solutions are designed for critical infrastructure providing low cost, flexible backup power with the highest reliability. 

The FCgen®-H2PM system is developed for easy installation and is available in either a 1.7kW or a 5.0kW module. The fuel cell modules can be coupled to meet the power output requirements, which makes the fuel cell systems highly flexible and easy to upgrade or relocate to another site.

Key features

  • 12 modules can be coupled for systems with up to 60kW of power output
  • Standard output is 48VDC. System supplies power for both DC and AC equipment. Customization is available for higher output DC and AC
  • Battery free bridging energy through the use of ultracaps
  • Instant backup in case of power outage – no delay

Key Advantages of Ballard's FCgen®-H2PM Stationary Systems:

Low operating cost
The systems offer a low TCO compared to batteries and an attractive CAPEX and OPEX compared to diesel generators due to the systems' long lifetime (<15 years) and savings on maintenance and repairs.

Flexible and scalable solution
The fuel cell systems are scalable from 1kW to 60kW, and the modularity of the systems allows for more power systems to be added or relocated to other sites. Zero-emission operation and low noise allows for indoor and outdoor installation.

High reliability
The system is designed for unmanned location and features a unique built in predictive maintenance system and automated self-testing 12 times a year. The backup power system has few moving parts and no degradation in standby mode regardless of temperature (-40◦C- +46◦C)


FC backup power solution for critical communications infrastructure

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FCgen®-H2PM solutions

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