FCgen®-H2PM systems are modular and scalable zero-emission solutions which have been deployed worldwide. FCgen®-H2PM systems are an ideal way to cost-effectively meet backup power requirements at critical sites requiring up to 30kW of power.

Key Advantages of Ballard's FCgen®-H2PM Stationary Systems:

Modular Flexible Solution

  • Small footprint, quiet operation and low weight allows for flexible indoor or outdoor installation

Low Operating Cost

  • Lower total cost of ownership compared with batteries or diesel generators for runtimes exceeding 6 hours

High Reliability

  • Remote monitoring allows the customer to monitor fuel volume and performance data and range can be extended indefinitely through onsite hydrogen storage

Environmental Benefits

  • Zero-emission operation with low noise and no vibration

Key Features:

  • Customizable power output up to 60kW or higher for special customer requirements
  • 7,000 hours operating lifetime for typical backup power applications
  • Battery-free bridging energy available through the use of ultracaps
  • Fully integrated power management system
  • Programmable self-test ensures system readiness
  • Available ‘cold climate kit’ for operation in extreme climates

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