From 45kW to 120kW net power, Ballard’s heavy duty modules provide flexible solutions for your motive applications including buses, trucks off-road vehicles and rail.

Product Platforms

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FCmove®, the latest platform for heavy duty power modules based on the FCgen®-LCS stack, is the culmination of more than 8 generations of product development at Ballard. The FCmove® platform offer a compact, fully integrated, robust fuel cell power solution with low total life cycle cost. It is available with 45kW and 120kW versions. FCmove® products are specifically designed for easy integration in various vehicles with both roof-top and engine bay configurations.

Product Features

Key advantages of Ballard’s heavy duty module product lines include:

Lower Life Cycle Cost

  • Low total-cost-of-ownership, achieved through product performance optimization, fuel cell stack durability, efficiency and lower maintenance requirements.

Simplified System Integration

  • Small footprint, fully integrated fuel cell module with interfaces located on one panel for better access and flexibility in commercial vehicle design.

High Performance

  • Integrated system humidification and pressure optimization offers superior performance, fuel efficiency and durability over a wide range of operating conditions and prevents degradation, delivering >97% availability in vehicle operation.

Performance in Extreme Conditions

  • Tolerant to a wider range of operating conditions, including freeze start from -25⁰C (-13⁰F) without external energy.

Technology Leadership

  • The preferred option for OEMs and system integrators, Ballard fuel cells are powering over 3,600 fuel cell buses and trucks. Cumulatively, these vehicles have traveled more than 150 million kilometers.

Product Portfolio

Product Series  FCmove®-XD  FCmove®- HD+  FCmove®-HD FCmove®-MD
 Net Power Level 120kW     100kW  70kW 45kW  
 Application heavy duty applications   medium & heavy duty applications medium duty applications light & medium duty motive applications


FCmove XD Spec Sheet WebFCmove®-XD Data Sheet

FCmove HD+ Spec Sheet WebFCmove® HD+ Data Sheet
FCmove HD Spec Sheet WebFCmove® HD Data Sheet
FCmove MD Spec Sheet WebFCmove®-MD Data Sheet

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