Wall O PatentsA program can be tailored to a strategic partner’s needs. Typical licensing models include:

  • Design and processing intellectual property
  • Product licenses
  • Manufacturing localization

Technology transfer support from subject matter experts may include technical documentation and data transfer, on-site and remote engineering support and training programs.

CASE STUDY: Guangdong Nation-Synergy Hydrogen (Synergy)


In China, the implementation of the New Energy Vehicle program and the eligibility for fuel cell vehicles drastically increased the demand for zero-emission buses, trucks and cars powered with fuel cells. To meet the economic objectives and the requirements for local production, Synergy was looking for a reputable technology provider with strong IP, experience and products able to meet the technical requirements.


Ballard offered a Technology Transfer package for the production of FCveloCity® products in the Guangdong Province. Ballard's scope of supply included a technology license for localization of the module assembly, training & documentation, testing stations and a supply agreement for critical parts (fuel cell stacks and MEA’s).


Synergy was able to assemble and test the first batch of FCveloCity®-HD modules in their Yunfu facilities. The modules were then integrated into the Feichi electric bus platform. Following certification by local authorities, the fuel cell electric buses have been deployed in the cities of Yunfu and Foshan (Sanshui district).


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