Systems InterfaceWith extensive experience supporting system development and integration activities, Ballard can provide knowledge and guidance to system integrators and original equipment manufacturers in the following areas:

  • System modeling and trade-off studies
  • Component selection, P&ID and system layout
  • Control strategy, failure modes and effects analysis and mitigation strategies
  • Engineering reference systems based on air-cooled and liquid-cooled stack technology

CASE STUDY: Light Rail - Tangshan Railway Vehicle Company, Limited (TRC)

SITUATION: TRC was established in 1881 as China’s first manufacturer of locomotives and rolling stock. The company wanted to introduce fuel cell powered light rail to the Chinese market.

Ballard designed and manufactured a plug and play FCveloCity®-XDfuel cell module,delivering up to 200kW of power for use in light rail applications.


Select TRC trams will use Ballard fuel cell power modules designed specifically for the light rail applications, with a lifetime of at least 20,000 operating hours. This is the first hydrogen fuel cell powered fixed rail electric tram in China.


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