Ballard’s test lab features:

  • Test Stations400,000+ hours of test data generated annually
  • Automated test stations able to run on oxygen, air, hydrogen and fuel blends
  • Environmental chambers for freeze start and high temperature testing
  • Customizable accelerated stress test stations
  • Custom diagnostic tests for systems, stacks and components such as anode and cathode half-cell potential measurements, CT scanners and current mapping



SITUATION: A leading aircraft manufacturer required an in-depth understanding of the performance of fuel cells across a wide range of aerospace functions, where reliable performance and safety are the utmost concern.

Ballard conducted a comprehensive testing program on our FCvelocity® -9SSL fuel cell stack, utilizing specific and specialized operating conditions outside Ballard's standard operating protocol.

 RESULTS: Ballard delivered the test results, along with a mathematical model for future simulations, to the aircraft manufacturer within three months. This allowed the company to successfully pass its technology readiness gate.

With over 30 years of experience with fuel cell testing, Ballard’s test stand designs lead the industry. Information gained through accumulated test hours in our lab has led to highly responsive, robust test stands that require minimal maintenance.

Ballard offers a wide range of fuel cell test stations to our strategic partners looking to perform tests at their facilities. Ballard can custom build test stations to meet the partner’s specific requirements, or provide standard models in the 1 watt, 2 to 8 kW and 100+ kW range.


SITUATION: Ballard’s strategic partner required a test stand that is automated, mimics automotive response times, is capable of testing with hydrogen, air, nitrogen and is compatible with environmental chambers for freeze-start capability assessments.

Ballard designed and built a custom test stand to meet the stringent automotive requirements of the customer.

RESULTS: Delivery of a 100kW test stand for product development testing that can meet the challenging demands of automotive fuel cell development programs.

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