“Governance” encompasses how the Board is structured and how it operates, the Board’s approach to executive compensation and shareholder engagement as well as the Board’s oversight of the company’s risk management processes.

Our corporate governance practices are reflected in our "Corporate Governance Guidelines", which provide for director qualification standards, director responsibilities, form and amount of director compensation, director orientation and continuing education, management succession planning and performance evaluation of the Board.

Corporate Watch

We encourage our employees to report any situation that appears to involve a breach of the company's ethical or legal obligations. We also encourage those outside our company to report concerns about any wrongdoing or suspected wrongdoing.

Ballard has engaged Global Compliance to receive from anonymous reports or allegations of wrongdoing. Individuals who become aware of any wrongdoing or suspected wrongdoing are encouraged to make a report as soon as possible.

The following web reporting site and toll-free numbers have been set up for this sole purpose:


Within North America


Outside North America (Country's international access code)

+45 60375006

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