From 30kW to 200kW net power, Ballard’s heavy-duty modules provide flexible solutions for your motive applications including buses, trucks, trains and ships.

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  • Transit Bus

    Hydrogen fuel cell electric buses are the only zero-emission technology to offer one-to-one replacement of diesel fleets offering route flexibility, short refueling time and similar depot space utilization. Learn more
  • truck


    Fuel cell electric trucks offer fleet operators the operational experience of legacy diesel, while also delivering the benefits of electrification, including zero tailpipe emissions, low noise, but with fast refueling and no pay load compromise to maximize vehicle utilization. Learn more
  • Rail

    Fuel cell trains will play a key role in decarbonizing the heavy-duty transport sector. Hydrogen powered fuel cell trains are poised to disrupt the rail industry as a cost-effective, high performing, zero-emission alternative to diesel trains and track electrification. Learn more
  • marine


    Across the marine sector, greenhouse gas emission standards for vessels are being tightened. By utilizing hydrogen fuel cells from Ballard, the highly scalable and reliable power provides the zero emission and long range distributed power solution which meet the requirements of the marine industry. Learn more
  • Megawatt-Scale Stationary Power

    The answer to longer, renewable energy storage, over heavy battery storage is hydrogen supported by fuel cells. .A grid-scale hydrogen fuel cell solution has a far smaller footprint than a battery storage facility of comparable scale, and hydrogen fuel cells require none of the toxic chemicals associated with the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries. Learn more
  • infrastructure

    Critical Infrastructure

    The need for reliable backup power is becoming ever more important for critical infrastructures . A reliable Ballard fuel cell backup power solution can meet current and future legislative requirements and allow communication networks and data center operators a flexible approach to harden their power systems from kW to MW scale. Learn more
  • Material Handling

    Productivity is a vital driver of profitability in the material handling industry. With zero-emission fuel cell powered material handling equipment, customers operating distribution and manufacturing facilities, can reap both economic and environmental benefits. Learn more
  • auto


    A change in mobility trends and an increase in environmental concerns are fueling the market for hydrogen fuel cell cars and vans. Providing zero-emission, low noise, smooth acceleration, and the ability to meet long daily range and rapid refueling requirements, make hydrogen fuel cell light duty vehicles an attractive solution for commercial applications. Learn more

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