In our increasingly connected world, power outages are severely disruptive. Reliable and cost-effective fuel cell backup power solutions ensure critical infrastructure availability during extended power outages. 

Growing need for CI 

Advantages of Fuel Cell Backup Power Systems

With the fuel cell backup power systems’ high reliability and low maintenance, the choice is simple, effective, and safe.  Fuel cell backup power systems offer a number of advantages over batteries or diesel generators. Key attributes of fuel cell backup power systems:

• Scalable power and flexible run times from a few     seconds to several months.

•  Quiet and zero-emission operation, with no toxic waste or fuel.    

•  Reliable operation with low maintenance requirements and remote monitoring.

• Small footprint, low weight and easy integration       with existing equipment. 

 •  Low operating cost driven by long lifetime and minimal maintenance visits.   
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Ballard Experience

Fuel cell backup power is a proven solution that has been deployed for more than 10 years. There are now thousands of systems installed worldwide, with millions of operating hours.

Proven Solution for Critical Power

Ballard offers a comprehensive portfolio of hydrogen-fueled FCgen®-H2PM systems to meet backup power requirements at critical infrastructure sites, including radio towers, rail and transport monitoring, data centers and transformer stations, and telecommunication equipment. 

Critical power for cell towers


FC backup power solution for critical communications infrastructure

Market Brochure - Fuel Cell Backup Power; solution for critical communication

BUP product brochureProduct Brochure - Fuel Cell Backup Power; 
FCgen®-H2PM solutions

FC BUP PowerInformational - Fuel Cell Backup Power an attractive value proposition for zero-emission backup power in Scandinavia.
CaptureCase Study - Fuel cell system to backup Denmark Public Safety Network (SINE). 








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