Communications network stability has never been more important. Reliable backup power for critical communication infrastructure is vital to ensure availability during unexpected power outages. 

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It should be easy to choose a fuel cell backup power system. From conception and installation to service and training, Ballard will support the customer to select a solution best suited to each individual site.

The four-step model covers elements to consider when purchasing a fuel cell backup power solution. Consider your power requirement, where you want the system installed, your required backup time and what level of service you want.

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Advantages of Fuel Cell Backup Power Systems

With the fuel cell backup power systems’ high reliability and low maintenance, the choice is simple, effective, and safe.  Fuel cell backup power systems offer a number of advantages over batteries or diesel generators.

• Low cost driven by long lifetime (15+years) and cost savings on maintenance, repairs and transport

• Meets temperature ranges from -40C – +46 C

•  A flexible solution (from 500w to 60 kW). Allows for more modules to be added or for the system to be relocated to another site  

• Designed for unmanned locations with a built-in predictive maintenance system and automated self-testing

 • Ensures no risk with 99.9999% reliability •  Zero-emission operation with no toxic waste or fuel


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Ballard's Experience

With more than 1,000+ systems installed worldwide, millions of operating hours and a decade of deployments, Ballard's fuel cell backup power systems are a proven and reliable solution. 

Ballard offers a comprehensive portfolio of hydrogen fueled FCgen®-H2PM systems for critical infrastrucure markets. We focus particularly on the telecommunication, fiber broadband the TETRA/emergency networks, where legislation requires increased backup time.

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FC backup power solution for critical communications infrastructure

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FC Backup Power

4 steps to choosing the right backup power solution








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