Across the maritime sector, GHG emission standards for vessels are being tightened. These emissions regulations will have a significant impact on vessels, and the organizations that operate them. Now is the time to look at solutions, and to move forward with zero–emission technologies.

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Advantages of Fuel Cell Electric Vessels

Fuel cells will play a key role in helping marine industries address GHG emissions on the water, and in ports. Batteries work well for vessels for very short routes, and which have frequent charging possibilities. For longer routes and larger vessels, hydrogen fuel cells are the most practical zero-emission solution. Key attributes of fuel cell solutions:

• Modular power systems are scalable for many load requirements • Flexible configurations that adapt to vessel space constraints

• Deployed in parallel, dispatchable configurations to meet variable power requirements

• Long range and quick refueling

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Ballard’s Experience

Ballard’s Marine Center of Excellence in Hobro, Denmark is dedicated to engineering, manufacturing and servicing fuel cell marine applications. Ballard is actively involved in a number of marine projects, including:  megawatt-scale marine power solutions with ABB,  development of HySeas III, the world’s first sea-going renewables-powered car and passenger ferry; participation in Europe’s H2PORTS project; and a Flagships project to demonstrate fuel cell powered ferries and barges.

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Proven Solutions for Marine Vessels

Hydrogen fuel cell power—a proven zero-emission solution for powering transit buses, trucks and other heavy-duty transport—offers real potential for a variety of marine vessels. Ballard provides modular, scalable FCwave™ fuel cell systems for ferries, barges and cruise ships.

Contact one of our fuel cell experts to get information on Ballard's marine solutions. 


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