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    Ballard supplies fuel cell stacks to systems integrators and material handling equipment manufacturers to be integrated in Class 1, 2 and 3 forklifts. Fuel cell-powered forklifts provides warehouse operators with a proven, reliable alternative to batteries in order to improve site productivity.

    Key Advantages of Fuel Cell Powered Material Handling Equipment:

    Increased Productivity

    • Fuel cell forklifts run up to twice as long per fill-up compared to battery-powered units.

    Fast Refueling

    • Hydrogen tanks are refueled in just minutes, replacing the 12-15 minutes dedicated to battery swaping.

    Consistent Power

    • Equipment operates with consistent power for an entire shift, eliminating challenges that come with a depleting battery.

    Optimized Warehouse Floor Space

    • Eliminates the need for dedicated battery charging and storage facilities.


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