In the material handling industry, productivity is a vital driver of profitability - every efficiency gain positively impacts the bottom line.  With fuel cell powered material handling equipment, customers operating distribution and manufacturing facilities reap both economic and environmental benefits. 


    Advantages of Fuel Cell Powered Material Handling Equipment

    Hydrogen fuel cells are an affordable, efficient, and sustainable drop-in replacement for battery-powered material handling equipment. Key attributes of fuel cell powered forklifts:

    •  Increase productivity with operation up to 8 hours on a single tank of hydrogen

    •  Optimize warehouse floor space by eliminating battery charging and storage facilities

    •  Refueled in just minutes, replacing the 12-15 minutes dedicated to battery swapping.

    •  Maintain consistent power for an entire shift, eliminating challenges that come with a depleting battery

    Material handling equipment

    Ballard's Experience

    Ballard supplies fuel cell stacks to systems integrators and material handling equipment manufacturers for integration into Class 1, 2 and 3 forklifts. 

    Ballard is supplying to Plug Power Inc., which holds the largest share of the fuel cell material handling equipment market, having deployed more than 30,000 units and collaborating with  Infintium, Inc. (part of the Dare Group) on its fully integrated system for material handling applications.

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    Proven Solutions for Material Handling

    Ballard offers both air-cooled and liquid-cooled fuel cell stacks for use in material handling applications. Learn more about the FCgen®-1020ACS and FCvelocity®-9SSL products.



    Fuel cell zero-emission forklift fleet at Walmart, CanadaCase Study - Fuel Cell Forklift Fleet at Walmart Canada

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