Air pollution is a serious public health issue. And the transport sector is one of the biggest contributors to the problem. The need for zero-emission heavy-duty commercial trucks has never been greater.

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Advantages of Fuel Cell Electric Trucks

Compared to a battery electric solution, fuel cell technology offers longer range, greater power, more payload capability, and faster refueling. It is the most viable solution to reduce emissions, and create a cleaner future, without any compromise in operations. Key attributes of fuel cell electric trucks:

• Operate over a longer range

• Offer much higher energy density than batteries to maximize payload

• Are refueled quickly, ensuring the truck is on the road generating revenue for the fleet operator

• Power to maintain highway vehicle speeds


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Hydrogen Provides Operational Flexibility

Hydrogen is ideal for centralized fueling of heavy-duty commercial trucks. Quick refueling means commercial trucks have less downtime and higher utilization. Today several companies provide turnkey hydrogen infrastructure solutions and are developing methods to produce green hydrogen from renewable energy.


Ballard's Experience

Fuel cell technology is mature and has been proven in more than 2,200 trucks operating globally. Ballard heavy duty motive modules are powering a fleet of fuel cell delivery trucks in ChinaKenworth Truck Company’s fuel cell hybrid drayage truck, Anglo American ultra heavy duty mining truck and the ATMA project in Alberta, Canada.


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