After Support teamOver the years, Ballard has developed a support model that has proven to be effective in supporting products deployed globally in large volumes. Ballard believes that effective coordination and cooperation with our partners' customer care support structures is fundamental to the long-term success of fuel cell products. The key objectives of the customer care team at Ballard are to:

  • Ensure product up-time
  • Provide a timely and accurate response to issues
  • Transfer our maintenance know-how into our customer service teams

Ballard is firmly focused on providing total customer satisfaction and a level of service that positions Ballard as a leader in the fuel cell industry.

Ballard’s comprehensive customer care offering includes:

  • Call Center: technical support for customers’ mission-critical product applications. Customer care agents provide remote support to solve product issues via phone and email.
  • Product Repair: Ballard has a team of product experts and repair technicians ready to solve any issues from our repair centres in Canada and Denmark.
  • Onsite Service: Ballard can bring our technicians, specialised equipment and technology to your site during product installation, site commissioning or product performance troubleshooting.
  • Spare Parts Logistics: With remote parts warehouses located in key centers around the globe, Ballard’s spare parts logistics systems ensure customers receive the parts they need promptly to maintain product operation.
  • Product Training: Ballard designs and conducts training sessions to transfer fuel cell technology knowledge and product operational understanding to our customers, ensuring successful product deployment. Training sessions are conducted at Ballard's Training Center in Canada and at customer sites.
  • Product Performance Monitoring: Remote and onsite monitoring ensure the free flow of data to support ongoing corrective and preventative maintenance.

Customer Care Support for Transit Buses


Ballard understands the importance of bus up-time to transit agencies. Ballard has a team of specialists based in Burnaby, BC ready to provide global support and assist with deployment. Ballard also has service technicians based in Europe (Denmark, UK, Belgium and Germany), the United States and China ready to provide timely service to fuel cell electric bus operators.

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