Jan 26, 2021

Ballard Congratulates Van Hool on Being Selected as a Qualified Fuel Cell Bus Provider in France

Ballard Power Systems (NASDAQ: BLDP; TSX: BLDP) congratulates Van Hool NV (“Van Hool”; www.vanhool.be/nl) – a bus OEM and long time Ballard partner headquartered in Belgium – on its selection by UGAP, a French public procurement agency (French Union of Purchasing Groups), as a qualified provider of fuel cell buses for deployment in France.

This is the first time UGAP has selected providers for fuel cell-powered buses. Since January 2020, regulations in France require that 50% of newly acquired buses and coaches must be low-emission vehicles for fleets of 20 or more. Furthermore, starting in January 2025 the requirement will be that 100% of newly acquired buses and coaches must be low-emission.

VanHool FC Bus

With the announcement, public transport operators and organizing authorities in France will be able to choose fuel cell transit buses – including Van Hool’s A330 model – to help meet their low-emission vehicle targets. Partial financing is offered by ADEME and the Bank of the Territories along with the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes regional aid scheme, thereby making it easier for local authorities to equip their fleets with hydrogen buses.

Van Hool’s A330 Fuel Cell Electric Bus (FCEB) is 12 meters (39.3 feet) long, carries up to 74 people and has a range of 350-to-400 kilometers (220-to-250 miles) between hydrogen refuelings.    

Rob Campbell, Ballard Chief Commercial Officer said, “We are proud of our long and successful history with Van Hool, having powered a total of 121 of its Fuel Cell Electric Buses to date, including the A330 model. Ballard is delighted and encouraged that Van Hool has now been qualified to supply the A330 for deployments in France, since this represents another important market and significant step forward in the growing momentum behind fuel cell-powered buses in Europe.”

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