Oct 29, 2019

Gaoming Line to be World’s First Fuel Cell-Powered Commercial Tram System

VANCOUVER, CANADA and FOSHAN CITY, CHINA – Commissioning of Phase 1 of the Gaoming Tram Project in Foshan City, China is currently underway and, once completed, this will be the world’s first commercial fuel cell-powered tram operation. Ballard Power Systems’ (NASDAQ: BLDP; TSX: BLDP) FCveloCityTM fuel cell modules will power 5 trams manufactured by CRRC – the world’s largest manufacturer of trains – that will be used on the new Gaoming tram line.

Gaoming Tram captionPhase 1 of the Gaoming Tram Project, which has been under construction for approximately 30 months, is 6.5 kilometers (4.0 miles) long and has 10 stations. Trials of the tram system have been underway over the past month and commercial operation will begin following its commissioning.

The project management team, led by Foshan Metro, plans to run 4 trams during peak hours, with departures every 10 minutes. Each tram consists of 3 coach bodies with a total carrying capacity of 394 people, maximum  speed of 70 kilometers per hour (42 mph) and range of 125 kilometers (78 miles) between hydrogen refuelings.

Phase 2 of the Gaoming Tram Project will add another 5 trams and extend the Gaoming tram line to a total of 17.4 kilometers (10.8 miles), with 20 stations along the route. Phase 2 may be operational as early as 2021.

Earlier this month a “Three Rights Transfer” celebration was held in Foshan City to recognize the handover of ‘three rights’ – command, localized management, and equipment utilization – marking the official transfer of the Gaoming Tram Project from the construction stage to the operational management stage.

Alfred Wong, Ballard’s Managing Director in Asia Pacific said, “We are very pleased to see that the Foshan Gaoming Tram Project has officially entered the operational management phase. This is not only a milestone for the project itself, but is also a big step forward for hydrogen fuel cells in China’s rail sector. Ballard looks forward to commercial operation of the tram line, which will bring a new zero-emission transit experience to residents of Gaoming District, Foshan City.”

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