Oct 27, 2017

Tangshan Railway Vehicle Company Commences Hydrogen Powered Tram Trial

VANCOUVER, CANADA – Ballard Power Systems (NASDAQ: BLDP; TSX: BLDP) notes that CRRC Tangshan Railway Vehicle Company (“TRC”) has announced a trial of its fuel cell low floor tram – powered by Ballard FCveloCity® fuel cell engines under a program between the two companies – on the “Chinese Railway Headstream Tour” tram line in Tangshan City, which is located in China’s Hebei Province. TRC tram MU

The TRC low floor tram consists of three cars with a total capacity for 336 passengers, a top speed of 70 kilometers per hour (44 mph) and a range of 40 kilometers (25 miles) on a single 12 kilogram hydrogen fill-up. The new 14 kilometer (8.5 mile) long tram line in Tangshan City has 4 stations together with a 100 kilogram capacity hydrogen refueling station. 

The tram deployed for the trial is powered by Ballard FCveloCity® fuel cell technology, combined with a battery and supercapacitor. The trial was initiated at a ceremony held today and attended by 150 senior leaders from the Chinese government and TRC. A short video of the tram in operation can be viewed here – Tram Opening Ceremony.

Rob Campbell, Ballard Chief Commercial Officer said, “We are seeing growing interest in the use of fuel cell engines for rail applications globally. Our work in China, including this exciting tram trial with TRC, is a testament to the rapid progress being made toward large-scale deployments of fuel cell-powered trams in revenue service.”     

TRC was established in 1881 as China’s first manufacturer of locomotives and rolling stock. In its 100-plus years of operation the company has delivered a number of important “firsts” in China, including the first: locomotive; passenger train; freight wagon; inspection train; and low-floor light rail train. In January 2011 TRC also recorded the world’s fastest railway test speed of 487.3 kilometers per hour (302 miles per hour). 

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