Fuel Cell Backup Solutions For Critical Infrastructure

Ballard Power Systems offers complete direct hydrogenbackup power solutions designed for telecom and relatednetwork applications. FCgen®-H2PM systems are clean, reliable, quiet and economical and have been de / ployed worldwide for critical backup power applications.

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Ballard’s FCgen®-H2PM systems use hydrogen fuel cell technology with a fully integrated power management system and can be configured as either integrated or standalone modules. 10 years of commercial operation have proven a high reliability that is a game changer when it comes to backup power systems.

The FCgen®-H2PM are designed with unmanned sites in mind for telecom and fiber operators, for which reasons they require few on-site visits and offer several remote monitoring options. The systems architecture is simple and the fuel cell technology is rugged, allowing the power provided to range between 300 W and 60 kW DC (customization available for higher output AC and DC) and the solutions to be highly flexible.

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