Ballard Power Systems offers an air-cooled, scalable proton exchange membrane fuel cell stack suitable for a wide range of light duty applications where durability, reliability and a simplied balance of plant are key requirements.

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The FCgen®–1020ACS fuel cell has been engineered to incorporate advanced open cathode technology and state of the art self-humidifying membrane electrode assemblies. These features completely eliminate the need for humidication systems and simplify system integration. The result is a simple, low cost design delivering reliable operation over a wide range of challenging conditions.

With no moving parts and high effciency, the FCgen®-1020ACS produces clean DC power with a low thermal and acoustic signature. The FCgen®–1020ACS stack can be scaled to meet power requirements from 450W to 3kW and integrated into various end user applications. FCgen®–1020ACS fuel cell product is available in a number of cell conguration options.

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