Ballard’s FCmove®-MD is the next-generation hydrogen module for use in zero-emission, battery-dominant hybrid, light and medium-duty motive applications that is perfectly sized as a range extender for transit bus, light duty trucks and fleet vans. The FCmove®-MD offers a durable, compact and easy to install solution for system integrators and vehicle OEMs, backed by Ballard’s proven experience, unmatched product performance, and service quality promise.

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Easy Integration –Integrated air and coolant sub-systems enable easy integration of the module into the vehicle, and provide easy access for enhanced serviceability. Proven Reliability & Durability – demonstrated through exceptional fuel cell stack lifetime, with >25,000 hours of operation and 97% module availability in service. 
System Integration Flexibility – Ballard collaboratively supports the integration of a variety of drive systems to optimize the power train and vehicle performance. Zero-emission – PEM fuel cell power modules meet the mandates set by policy makers to reduce transportation emissions.

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