Ballard’s FCmove®-HD is the next-generation heavy duty fuel cell power module for use in zero-emission motive applications. The hydrogen fuelled power module offers a durable, compact and easy installation solution for system integrators and vehicle OEMs, backed by Ballard’s unmatched fuel cell expertise and experience.

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Lower Life Cycle Cost – with better fuel economy and fewer maintenance requirements, total cost of ownership is 35% lower than previous product generations.  Proven Reliability & Durability – demonstrated through exceptional fuel cell stack lifetime, with >25,000 hours of operation and 97% module availability in service. 
Simplified Integration – this complete package, with all subsystems fully integrated, has interfaces located on one panel to provide easier access for connections as well as maintenance.  System Integration Flexibility – reducing the volume by 40% and weight by 35% has produced a low-profile power module that enables greater flexibility in commercial vehicle design.

Robust Components – designed with a new generation of more robust balance of plant components to improve reliability.

Freeze-Start Capability – freeze start from -25°C, with no need to plug in the vehicle or use special start procedures.

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