Ballard’s FCmove®-XD is the next-generation heavy duty fuel cell power module for use in zero-emission vehicles such as heavy duty trucks and bus coaches. This refined module offers a compact and easy installation solution for system integrators and vehicle OEMs that is always backed by Ballard’s proven experience, unmatched product performance, and service quality promise.

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Ballard FCmoveTM-XD
Low Total Cost of Ownership –High efficiency engine enabling long driving range of 600km under single fill. Proven Reliability & Durability – demonstrated through exceptional fuel cell stack lifetime, with >25,000 hours of operation and 97% module availability in service. 
Scalable By Design – Newly designed to easily incorporate parallel connection of modules for power output of 240kW or 360kW utilizing the original connection for fluid, communication and control. Compact Design to Enable Engine Bay Mounting – Highly integrated design with close-coupled DC/DC converter connects the fuel cell module to the high voltage architecture of the

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