Ballard Power Systems offers a proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell stack based on our proven, fourth generation transportation stack technology.

Available now to customers with fuel cell stack integration capabilities, the FCvelocity–9SSL is designed to perform in rugged conditions and is scalable depending upon customer requirements. Stacks are available in power increments from approximately 4 to 21kilowatts.

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9SSL 2017 cropped multi stacks

The FCvelocity®–9SSL provides stable electrical power to a system over a wide range of operating and environmental conditions. A liquid-cooled, hydrogen fueled product, the FCvelocity®–9SSL uses Ballard’s standard fuel cell components.

Suitable for motive applications, the FCvelocity®- 9SSL features fast, dynamic response, robust and reliable operation and durable packaging.

The FCvelocity®–9SSL establishes a new standard of performance by optimizing reliability, power density and compatibility with customer system requirements.

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