Anca 2I have been working at Ballard Europe since April 2017 as a Mechanical Design Engineer and Technical Writer. I completed my studies in Romania and Denmark in the fields of Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering. At Ballard, I work daily with a variety of mechanical design tasks, such as: assisting with mechanical support for improving the existing solutions of our Backup systems, integrating our Fuel Cell modules in different automotive applications and assisting the production department with updating and improving the equipment. Also, a fair amount of my time is occupied by offering support in technical writing and helping the Marketing Department with Graphical content.  Having a variety of tasks on hand makes me enjoy every day of working at Ballard, together with the challenges that the technology and the fascinating projects bring. Not to mention the proud feeling I get every time I read positive news about the continuous spreading of hydrogen fuel cells in different applications!

As a little known fact about me I would mention that I used to make jewelry and clothes in my free time. 

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