IMG_1506I joined Ballard in July 2017 and I’m an Executive Assistant to the President and Chief Executive Officer.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Russia and that is my hometown! (very Northern part of Siberia). I moved to Canada in year 2007 and worked mostly in the Private Banking industry.

It is very impressive to work for the company whose employees top down are passionate about changing the way we operate as a society. I feel I am a part of the company that makes an enormous impact and that is very fulfilling to me.

Outside of work, I volunteer at PADs (Pacific Assistance Dogs Society). I take great pleasure in making jewelry, working with different crystals, designing clothes; basically, I enjoy anything and everything when it comes to creativity. I speak 3 languages- Spanish, Russian and English!

I love jet skiing and I am a recently converted fan of football team – Michigan Wolverines.IMG_2138



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