Jeremy 2

I’ve been at Ballard for three years now, working on the membranes research team after graduating from the Materials Engineering program at the University of British Columbia. The story of how I got to Ballard is pretty interesting: I actually did a school project on Ballard back in 7th grade for a career planning class. Like most 11-year-olds I had no idea what career I wanted but I knew I was into technology and building things. My dad had been researching Ballard as a company at the time and told me about this high-tech company in Vancouver that had been making the news. I spoke with my teacher and it happened that she knew a Ballard Employee. We spoke on the phone and I tried to give a short interview which resulted in my first real career plan! I guess I must have chosen well because seven years later I started at Ballard as a co-op student. Another four years after that I had graduated from UBC and I’ve been at Ballard ever since - a success story 12 years in the making.

In the spirit of living my life as 12-year-old Jeremy would’ve wanted, I do my best to travel for vacation and visit different places in the country and around the world. My goal is to visit all the continents and dip my feet in every ocean. I’m making good progress but it’s starting to get more difficult as I make my way down my list.

My proudest moment at Ballard was when my soccer team won our Ballard “World Cup” tournament back-to-back. We unfortunately didn’t make it a third year. 

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