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Simple. Complete. Robust. Cool.

The FCairTM system uses liquid, not air cooling. This means simple, reliable operation for the commercial operator. No worries about system degradation in hot or cold weather, slow starts or warm-up periods, or trouble at high altitudes. Just fill up simply with clean hydrogen, and take to the sky.

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Ballard FCairTM - A fuel cell drone solution

Ballard FCairTM UAV Fuel Cell Power Solutions

Advantages of Fuel Cell Unmanned Systems

Unmanned systems powered by fuel cells operate longer than their battery counterparts, with the same benefits of low thermal and noise signature.

•  Extend mission time and distance (3x typical) due to superior energy density   •  Provide clean, quiet and reliable operation 
 •  Enable beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) missions for dramatic operation expense reduction  •  Reduce lithium battery charging and transport obstacles 
Ballard FC UAV

Ballard's Experience

Ballard Power Systems is a leading global provider of zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell solutions for UAVs, bus, truck, rail, and marine applications. Ballard’s 40 years of fuel cell development and more than a decade of UAV flight experience has enabled us to deliver FCair™ - the complete hydrogen solution for commercial drone operations worldwide.

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